As an actor and model myself, I understand the value of a good photo.


A picture can be a big thing- it's how we brand ourselves, express our personality, remember a period of our lives, and it can be an intimidating process getting the right picture.


Not only do we have to feel comfortable in front of and pose for the camera (which doesn't come naturally for a lot of people), but we have to put our trust in the person taking the pictures for us.

I work with each client to establish trust. I work to get to know YOU so that you get pictures you want that show who you are at your best- because that's what you're paying for. 

And I do it all at an affordable price because everyone deserves to be represented. I'm not here to blab on about my own background, you're on this section of my site to see what I can offer you, and I understand that, this is your hard-earned dollar, and you want to make sure you spend it well.